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Web Site Navigation
Throughout the Musical Texture web site, navigation options appear as text links at the bottom of each page. Use the scroll arrows at the right of the browser window to reach them. At any time, use your browser's "Back" button to return to pages you have previously visited, or use the links at the bottom of each page to move elsewhere. Some areas of the site are meant to be viewed in sequence, while other pages offer numerous navigation options from which you may choose. If you have difficulty returning to a particuar page, you may return to the "Main Page" and enter the desired segment again.

Review and Practice
Two opportunities for review and practice are provided. A sequential review presents an overview of each texture category. Practice questions provide an opportunity to test understanding in an interactive manner. On each practice page, listen to the musical excerpt, then click the letter of the answer you choose for each question to see if you are correct. After answering, you will be given the opportunity to review the concepts related to each question.

Site Map
The site map provides links to the musical texture content from a single page. Use the site map to quickly search for specific concepts and terms.

Texture Finder
Use the texture finder as a strategic aid for determining the texture of a song. By answering the questions about the song, you will be guided to the texture category which most likely applies. Then review the materials relating to that texture category to make a final assessment.

QuickTime Media Files
The musical examples on these pages rely on Apple Computer's "QuickTime" multimedia software to present musical notation, graphics, and text, in time with the music. These media files are sometimes large, and may require lengthy download times, depending upon your computer's processor and internet connection speed. Some older computer systems may be unable to accomodate these QuickTime files. To hear and view the musical examples on these pages, a recent version of QuickTime must be installed on the computer you are using, and its associated plugin must be installed in your browser's plugin folder. You can test your computer and browser to be sure that QuickTime is functioning properly at the QuickTime test page. Your system may periodically show a message asking you to upgrade to the "Pro" version of QuickTime, but this is NOT necessary to view the media files at this site. If the upgrade window appears, click the "Later" button to make the message disappear.

Sample QuickTime Control Bar:

QuickTime places a control bar on your screen which allows you to hear and view the musical examples. The control bar usually appears below corresponding visual materials (see the control bar example above). Sometimes it will be necessary to scroll down to make the control bar visible on the screen. When you encounter a musical example, click the play arrow to start and stop the music. Drag the slider left and right to change the visual images. Click and hold the volume icon to control the volume of the example. If the control bar does not appear on the lesson pages, click here for help.

Browser Programs
To play the QuickTime media files, these pages are meant to be viewed with a graphical browser program capable of accomodating the QuickTime plugin. This site has been designed to appear correctly when viewed with Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher. There may be inconsistencies when viewed with Internet Explorer. If an upgrade is needed, current versions of Netscape Navigator/Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are available for free download.

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