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Practice Questions 2

Practice Questions 2

Test your understanding of texture. Refer to the musical example on this page and choose an answer to each question below. Click on the letter of your answer to see if you are correct. You will be given the opportunity to review. When you are ready, click your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

1. How many different musical voices are present in the example above?

A. One.
B. Two.
C. Three.
D. More than three.

2. The example above shows partner songs because?

A. The voices do not produce harmony.
B. They sound good when played together.
C. The voices are independent melodies which can be performed together.
D. They are NOT partner songs.

3. Polyphonic texture is present in the example above because:

A. There is a melody alone.
B. There are two or more melodies together.
C. There is chordal harmony.
D. There are several melodies plus chords.

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