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Texture Lesson 4
Homophonic Texture -- Chordal Harmony, Harmonic Ostinati

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Another way to produce harmony is through the use of "chords." A chord is a group of pitches which are sung or played together with similar rhythm.

Here are some examples of chords.

A Chord is a group of notes performed simultaneously.

Chordal Harmony

The notes of a chord may appear in a single voice or across several voices. When chords occur, one after another, we say there is "chordal harmony." The pitches of a chord are vertically aligned, as you can see in these examples of chords.

Chords in one voice:

Chords in four voices:

Chordal Harmony is characterized by pitches occurring simultaneously and moving together with similar rhythm in a voice or group of voices; a clear vertical relationship is present among pitches.

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Lesson 4
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