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Harmonic Ostinato

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Harmonic Ostinato

Like a melodic ostinato, a "harmonic ostinato" is a repeated pattern intended to be performed together with melody. But a harmonic ostinato produces homophonic texture because it contains a repeated pattern of chords. The example below contains both a melody and a harmonic ostinato.

First, click below to hear the harmonic ostinato alone.

Next, click below to hear the melody plus harmonic ostinato.

A Harmonic Ostinato is a short, repeated chordal accompaniment pattern which is intended to be performed along with a melody.

Here is another example of a melody plus a harmonic ostinato, producing homophonic texture. In the exerpt below, the harmonic ostinato begins first and the melody enters later.

Click below to hear an excerpt from "Trois Gymnopedies," by Satie.

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Homophonic Texture
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