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About QuickTime
To hear and view the musical examples on these pages, your computer system and web browser program must have a recent version of QuickTime installed. The computers in the LSU School of Music Lab, and many of the other computers on campus already have QuickTime 3. However, if the system you are using does not, it may be necessary for you to download and install QuickTime before you proceed. The steps below will guide you.

1. QuickTime Test File
If your computer already has QuickTime installed, a media file should appear at the right of this text. It may take a minute to download. When you click the play arrow (the triangle at the bottom left) you should hear music through your computer's speakers or headphones, and see changing pictures. If this occurs, your system can play QuickTime files and you may proceed to the lesson pages. Click your browser's Back button now to continue.

If no play arrow or picture appears at the right, QuickTime is not properly installed. You may be able to ask a lab assistant for help. To download and install QuickTime on your own computer system, you may continue to step 2 below.

2. Download QuickTime
The QuickTime "MoviePlayer" software and browser plugin may be downloaded for most operating systems, free of charge, at the link below. Follow the instructions at the download site for easy installation procedures. After downloading and installing, you will be required to restart your computer and your browser program, then return to this site to continue.

Should you need more detailed information about QuickTime, on-line help files are also available at the link below. (NOTE: The QuickTime player software is free. After installation, you may be prompted upgrade to the "QuickTime Pro" version, but this is not necessary to play the files at this site.)

QuickTime 3
Download QuickTime 3

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